Spending time as a couple is one of the most significant things you can do for your relationship.

We know it’s easy to let time with each other take second place to the endless list of things that ‘must get done’. This is why we invite you to attend a A Day Together seminar… a special time away to listen, laugh and learn more about each other… to talk and reconnect whatever stage of life we are in. Think of it as a relationship ‘health check’.

You will enjoy quality communicators who will present practical relationship tools based on Biblical principles, brought alive with personal stories and illustrations. There are personal application exercises and of course plenty of time to talk privately as a couple. It’s a cringe-free day and there are no group exercises, role plays or reporting back about your relationship so you can relax!

Whether you’re married or not, whether your marriage is solid or you’re struggling you will leave inspired and equipped to strengthen and grow your relationship with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

What to expect.

Main Sessions:

We’ve put together five great sessions to equip you for some of the most important aspects of all relationships.

  1. Communicating Together – Developing a deeper understanding of each other.
  2. Growing Together – Identifying what tends to pull us apart and what helps us to grow closer.
  3. Resolving Conflict Together – Managing our disagreements in a healthy way.
  4. Loving Together – Understanding each other’s needs and love languages.
  5. Moving on Together – Discovering fresh ways to continue growing as a couple.

What others have said…

“Fantastic! Every couple in the country should do this.”

“Great for those who struggle to communicate”

“We tackled a long standing issue which was easy to do in this ‘very safe’ environment.”

“Prioritising time together today has reminded us of why we got together in the beginning, has given us confidence in what we are doing well and most of all gave us a chance to practice communication tools which will continue to help us grow.”

“It is worth it.”

“We came to the day having had a big row and felt hopeless with each other and our relationship. We are going home, looking forward to spending time together and can’t stop holding hands. Thank you.”

“I would be very happy to recommend the day to anyone!”

Watch some short videos of couples talking about their experience.

A Day Together has been developed by FamilyLife UK.

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