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The FamilyLife team would like to help you strengthen families in your community. One way we can do that is through our A Day Together seminar for couples.

A Day Together is ideal as a stand-alone event, as a refresher for another couples’ course or an outreach into the community. It is an exciting new tool that helps couples of all faiths and none. Couples put aside a day to draw closer to one another and look at key issues, including communication, conflict and expressing love.

A Day Together event is a partnership between a host – which could be you – and the FamilyLife team.

“Our relationship benefitted so much from the teaching and real-life experiences shared by people who were clearly passionate about marriage. We wanted to pass on to others just some of the blessing and enrichment that our relationship had received – it was a really timely positive intervention to a marriage that we had thought was absolutely ok.” – Neil & Sue, Wimbourne.

“There’s a gap between the real and the ideal in all of our lives, and it’s that gap that the day is looking at.” – Rico Tice, All Souls Church, London.

“Having attended A Day Together myself, it seemed like one of the best things I could do to help bless the marriages of those in my city.” – Matt, Nottingham.

What FamilyLife does

FamilyLife has a trained team of couples to facilitate A Day Together events. Facilitator couples skilfully share their own, often gritty stories, to inspire attendees to tend their own relationships. They also guide attending couples throughout the day.

FamilyLife will help you organise an event in your community and below is a brief outline of what we provide:

  • A detailed Organisers Guide to help you plan and promote the event. The guide helps you think through such issues as: drawing together an organising team, finance, venue, catering, technology, registration and promotion.
  • The Organisers Guide includes a detailed countdown checklist with key activities to complete for each time period from 16 weeks prior to the day up to the day itself.
  • Our FamilyLife Events Coordinator will be actively supporting you from planning through to the day itself.
  • Marketing pack including leaflets for local promotional activities. FamilyLife promotes your event nationally.
  • Website support and resources are available to download FREE from the website.
  • On the day we provide a team of our highly trained seminar facilitators who deliver multimedia presentations.
  • A quality seminar workbook for each delegate.
  • Follow-up ideas. The event is a great launch pad for couples to continue growing in their relationship.
  • After the event we send you summary of feedback from the day and a list of delegates to follow up e.g. details of delegates who wish to join Together groups (a recommended follow-up after the event).

A recent survey rated the event as ‘five star’ amongst all age and faith groups. Our research shows that the event is effective in strengthening relationships.

“We had an excellent day. It meant a great deal that all presenters were not ‘perfect’ or super middle class role models.”

What an organiser is expected to do

In brief the organiser hosts an event in their community. The following is a brief outline of what is expected:

  • Provide a suitable welcoming and attractive venue.
  • Organise your hosting team.
  • Register bookings and send confirmation e-mails.
  • Manage your money.
  • Market and promote the event locally.
  • Provide hospitality – refreshments and lunch (if being provided)
  • Technical support – to liaise with FamilyLife for multimedia presentations.
  • Follow-up organiser – someone who will be responsible for follow-up after the event.

The target audience

The Day Together seminar is suitable for all kinds of couples whether living together, engaged, married or not. The day is designed for church goers, those of all faiths and none as long as they are open to relationship values based on Biblical principles.

The day is a great investment of time for couples whether their relationship is solid or they are struggling.

“It’s great – all relationships can be improved, even the best ones!”

“My feelings were hopeless, I’m not sure anything would help.” Feedback afterwards: “It gave a glimmer of hope that things can change.”

The content of the day is based on research and our experience of what works. We use the Bible as a key reference point because we believe that the timeless principles are practical and full of wisdom. We aim to promote marriage as a loving, faithful and committed union, and to make the day very helpful and fun too.

If you are interested in finding out more or have any questions and comments please contact us.

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