A perfect gift!

What’s the most important thing in your life?

Ok so that’s a really big question.

A little part of me that wants to be flippant and say: chocolate!

But, my honest answer is: relationships. My relationship with my Creator is number one. My relationships with family and friends come a close second.

If I Google the question I find that most people give a similar response and that is that their significant relationships are the most important thing.

This Christmas, why not give your other half, your family and friends something that really matters: a gift certificate to attend A Day Together? It’s the perfect gift for any couple in a long-term relationship. Here is what some recent delegates said:

 “A vital part of every relationship. Everyone should do this – regularly!

 “Really good day. Nothing embarrassing or cringing. Great way to develop understanding of each other.”

 “Don’t think about it, just come. We invest time in our careers, hobbies, children, etc. and yet do not think about investing time in the most precious thing: our marriage. A day like today allows us to reconnect and realise just what is important to each other.”

A Day Together is special day for couples, married or not, struggling or solid. No group work, role play or ‘therapy’. Just a great opportunity to learn new things and talk as a couple in a safe, structured way as well as make decisions to help you grow a closer, stronger relationship.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with their loved one, investing in the most precious thing they have? A Day Together Gift Certificate is a perfect gift.

Gift Certificates available HERE.

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Christine Daniel

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