Because he/she’s worth it!

How do you usually spend your weekends? Twenty two couples decided to spend one Saturday in Bournemouth recently attending A Day Together seminar. Why? Their quotes speak for themselves…

“Very honest speakers & topics were excellent!”


“It gives us time and space in our busy lives to give time and thought to our relationship.”


“Unearthed issues we had not resolved, and helped us start to resolve them”.


“Come. This day helped get us back in touch with each other, what our needs are, and reaffirmed our relationship and the strength of our marriage.”


“Good pace through the whole. Glad it was accessible to Christians & non-Christians – a very important strength.”


“The workbooks are a great resource.”

The day really helped people communicate better, to accept each other’s differences and resolve conflict in a more healthy way. The results also showed couples growing in affection and sex. It might not sound so glamorous but the results also indicated improvement in sharing of household responsibilities and chores!

There will almost certainly be a positive impact on the attendees’ families as well. We know that happy kids are those with happy parents.

For those who like to measure things you might like to know…Relationship Satisfaction was measured before and after the event using a tool called the ENRICH EMS scale. The average satisfaction rating before the event was 35.61 (Moderate), increasing to 37.60 (High) after. This is among the best improvements we have seen to date at a FamilyLife day event.

Two final quotes which sum up why you may like to come along as well as invite people to attend:

“Every marriage will benefit from this course. Marriage is under pressure in this country. We need A Day Together.”


“Invest in your marriage because he/she’s worth it!”

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