“Like a fuel boost.”

ADT Rochester“Like a fuel boost. A Day Together has been a great additive to our marriage. A day to talk a bit deeper and reflect on where we are going with communication and purpose.”

This is what we love to hear!

Twenty six couples attended our recent A Day Together (ADT) event in Rochester, one of the Medway towns in Kent to “talk deeper” with “purpose”. We had so many brilliant comments and here are some more of our favourites … which ones are your favourites?

“Come and spend a day together to enrich your relationship together, a worthwhile investment of time; run by fantastic facilitators who have overcome challenges in their own lives.”

“Absolutely DO IT! Even if you feel you don’t need refreshment in your marriage – or if you feel you’re too ‘damaged’ as a couple. – There are SO many benefits and practical ways to help every day.”

“Change your marriage in one day – #ADayTogether”

“It was a very practical, refreshingly honest and very well researched event. Thank you. Every couple, at whatever stage of their relationship they may be at, will find something useful here.”

“It’s amazing, it makes you remember why you fell in love.” (AHHH – Ed)

“A great investment in your relationship + the lives of your children + their relationships long term.” (WHAT WE CALL THE RIPPLE EFFECT – Ed)

“The sessions are real, relevant and applicable irrespective of your years of marriage. It’s definitely worth the time.”

“I saw my husband’s perspective on several things for the very first time.” (VERY GLAD TO HEAR THIS – Ed)

“Taking time out to invest in our marriage has kept us from dangerously drifting apart.”

“Having done other marriage courses that run over a few weeks, this course offers a focussed day that allows time to really submerge yourself in one another, and in good principles and tools. An effective use of a day.”

“I wasn’t looking forward to the day but actually really enjoyed it and left feeling much more positive about our relationship.”

“You will learn at least one thing that will change your marriage for better for ever.
You have to attend to believe; take my word for it.”

“It felt like we got to hit the [pause] button of our busy lives. I feel refreshed and better able to get back to life – with a partner rather than a roommate.”

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