People go because…

At almost every event we get feedback from couples saying: “Fantastic! Every couple in the country needs to do this.”

Of course we agree.

Nearly everyone who goes to A Day Together seminar is there because someone invited them. It’s really worth making a bit of an effort to invite people because the day can be life-changing. Here’s some recent feedback:

“It’s a day together, just for the two of you, where you grow understanding of one another, share your love for each other and grow intimacy together.”

“You get real encouragement from hearing other’s experiences who have been together a long time and have been through difficulties and come out the other side.”

“I have spent years building into work, this is the first time I have ever built into our marriage. What a gift.”

“We are in a happy place in our relationship but still found it worthwhile.”

“A great way to clear the cobwebs that have gathered in a relationship. A great investment.”

“A down to earth, real, raw stories to encourage you on your journey as a couple.”

Good tools and hope for the future. We have practical actions to love better. Very worthwhile. Thank you (even for sceptics).

The best way to invite someone is face to face. Tell them about your experience (if you’ve been) or why you are thinking of going. Inviting others is even more effective if you’re going yourself.

You can also send a link to this article and a personal message. Then follow-up and see what they think. Encourage people to give it a go …they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Some people are reluctant because they think that going to a relationship / marriage seminar is only for people with problems. It’s not! It’s more like fitness training or taking vitamins, so your relationship stays healthy. A Day Together can be very helpful if you are struggling with something, because you’ll be given hope and tools to help you talk and work through any issues. 

There’s more on the website about what happens and what you can expect. The FamilyLife team promise there is NO cringe, NO group sharing and NO reporting back …the day is just for you as a couple.

We suggest making it a special day, including a nice meal out in the evening (or favourite takeaway, if you need to get home for any reason). 

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. Here’s a few highlights from couples …

  • Love Languages were very helpful.
  • Time to listen. Open and honest conversation
  • We are not enemies. Communication and understanding each other builds a stronger marriage.
  • Feelings of getting closer again to my wife.
  • Talking calmly and laughing.
  • Hearing my husband talk.
  • The entire day!
  • Uncovering misconceptions.
  • Conflict session 
  • Forgiving my wife and asking for forgiveness.
  • Having a structured way to understand our differences.
  • Understanding how communication can be improved.
  • Honesty and vulnerability from the front.
  • Time to talk about topics that wouldn’t be raised at home.
  • No distractions.
  • Constructive conversation in couple time.

Christine Daniel – Sept 2019

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