One year down the line…

Charli Mathew shares her eye-opening experience attending A Day Together (ADT) before and after getting married. A Day Together in Newcastle in October was mine and Dave’s second time doing the course. Dave and I got married on the 17th July 2015 and we did ADT whilst we were engaged, almost exactly two years ago. […]

A perfect gift!

What’s the most important thing in your life? Ok so that’s a really big question. A little part of me that wants to be flippant and say: chocolate! But, my honest answer is: relationships. My relationship with my Creator is number one. My relationships with family and friends come a close second. If I Google […]

Remember, Remember, the 1st of October….

Ok, so I swapped a few words around there, but there are certainly some couples who will remember the 1st of October! We had 33 couples come along to A Day Together in Selly Oak and for some it was very memorable indeed. One attendee commented ‘This is an eye opening, life changing event’, while […]

What do the men think?

If every woman who said to me “I would love to come to A Day Together, that sounds brilliant” turned into a couple attending, our events would be sold out all over the country. For some reason A Day Together seems to appeal more to women than it does to men. We set out to […]

Growing the team in style!

Familylife are so thrilled to have trained four more facilitator couples this April. We had a fantastic time sharing the principles and vision of Familylife along with the ‘how to’s of preparing a talk. It was very exciting to bring together the trainers, the existing team and this bunch of newbies. Karen and Etiene Van […]

What is your “Love Language”?

What makes you feel most loved? Words of Affirmation? Acts of Service? Receiving Gifts? Quality Time? Physical Touch? The way we express and receive love is unique to each person. In his book “The Five Love Languages®”, author Gary Chapman showcases this through the five emotional love languages mentioned above: Words, Acts, Gifts, Time, and […]

FamilyLife comes to the East End

This is not a typical scene from Eastenders. Far from the Mitchell brothers having a bust up and Angie and Den yelling behind the bar at the Queen Vic (ok, it’s been a while since I watched it!) Familylife were aiming for scenes of couples respecting each other and listening to their partner’s point of […]

“Like a fuel boost.”

“Like a fuel boost. A Day Together has been a great additive to our marriage. A day to talk a bit deeper and reflect on where we are going with communication and purpose.” This is what we love to hear! Twenty six couples attended our recent A Day Together (ADT) event in Rochester, one of […]

A Day Together Walthamstow 19th March, 2016

Event details: Join us for this great one day event in March. Saturday 19th March 2016 Start: 10.00am (registration & coffee from 9:30). Finish: by 4.45pm. Place: Blackhorse Road Baptist Church, 65 Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow, London E17 7AS Cost: Before March 5th, £30 per couple. From March 5th, £35 per couple. Refreshments and a buffet lunch are provided. For […]

A Day Together Amersham 14th November, 2015

Event details: Join us for this great one day event in November. Saturday 14th November 2015 Start: 10.00am (registration & coffee from 9:30). Finish: by 4.45pm. Place: The Kings Arms Hotel, 30 High Street, Old Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0DJ. Cost: £49 per couple if booked before November 2nd. From November 2nd, £59 per couple. Refreshments and a buffet lunch are provided. Help is […]

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